So Much To See

Perhaps the social media hiatus I’m currently taking (which I described at length in my last blog) has given my mind a little bit too much free time to roam.
Lately I’ve been stricken with a pretty severe case of wanderlust. It’s even gotten to the point where I’ve just pulled up my Google Maps app and punched in random destinations that I’d like to one day visit, as if I’m just going to take off and go on a whim. (Trust me, this will probably never happen. Even if I had the means and time to do so, spontaneity has never been one of my defining qualities.)
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that I’m dying to get out of Worthington or anything like that. Things are going great so far, and I don’t see myself making any permanent changes any time soon. It’s honestly just a case of being “bitten by the travel bug.”
I’ve always enjoyed traveling. One of the top items on my “bucket list” is to visit all 50 states. Right now I’m sitting at 21, which could be worse. After all, I’m only 28 years old so, if all goes as planned, I have plenty of time to get out and see the other 29. Still, every so often I get the itch to get out and see someplace new.
I’d be foolish, however, to not recognize the fact that this current case coincides with my moving back to Minnesota. Until the middle of April, I lived in Emporia, Kansas, roughly 475 miles from my hometown of New Richland. Prior to moving to Kansas in March 2012, I’d only been there twice; and those two times were when I went to interview and when I went searching for a place to live. As such, practically everywhere I went was a new experience for the first year or so that I lived there. While I admit not being as familiar with southwest Minnesota as I am other parts of the state, it’s not quite the task of exploration when I get out and about.
During my time in Kansas, I tried to make it home every three months or so. I think the fact that I was living somewhere that was pretty much foreign to me and that I went for a 950-mile round-trip drive every few months satiated my hunger for travel. It’s been nearly two months since I made that trip, and my brain is telling me that now’s the time to start getting hungry.
I’ve been looking more and more into places nearby and don’t require a long weekend. I’ve already found a few places I’m planning to go spend an afternoon as soon as I have a chance. Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan I am not, but I am ready to get out and explore.

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