Homer Takes A Vacation

I have yet to take any vacation days this summer, but Homer is on one right now. And it’s weird.

My parents live on St. Olaf Lake, just outside of New Richland. Pretty much since I moved back to Minnesota, my parents have been asking (see: begging) if Homer, their “granddog”, could come spend a week at the lake at some point this summer. If there was one, I figured this week would be the perfect time to do so.

I had gone back over the weekend to spend the Fourth of July on the lake and plan to head back this Saturday for a friend’s wedding. Neither of my parents are working this week either, so it seemed the stars had aligned for Homer to get a week off from the rigors of life in Worthington (playing with his empty ice cream pale in the backyard, sleeping on the couch underneath the window air condition, etc.) and spend some time at the lake.

The couple other times I’ve left him somewhere for a week, it was because I was taking some sort of trip myself, so admittedly, just being at home without him seems really weird.

It’s strange how much of my daily routine really does depend on having Homer around.

On a normal day, Homer wakes me up sometime between 8:30 and 9 a.m. (Remember, us sports guys live a quasi-vampiric life in terms of working hours, so that isn’t as late as it might sound.) I let him out right away, start my coffee and go grab the Daily Globe from the front porch. He comes in, sits on my lap and gets some pats while I drink a cup of coffee and read the paper. By then, he’s usually ready to go back outside.

This game of in and out goes on for a couple hours. He begs to go outside, I oblige, he wants back in five minutes later, grabs a toy and gets bored with it after 10 minutes or so before making a return trip to the back door in hopes of being let out. After lunch, we usually go for a walk. When we get back from there, it’s nap time for him while I get ready for work.

Usually breaks in the workday take on a somewhat similar routine.

The last couple mornings, I’ve woke up to see it’s later than I’m used to sleeping (Tuesday I didn’t get up until 11!) When I sit down to drink my coffee and read the paper, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Sunday night, I got home from work, sat down and watched a couple episodes of “Friday Night Lights” (which I’m currently addicted to) on Netflix and had a brief moment of panic thinking, “How long has it been since I let Homer out!”

About the time not having him around starts to feel normal, that’s when I’ll be bringing him back on Sunday. Either way, I can’t wait for him to come home. Life just seems a little dull without him. But, multiple photos a day of him lounging on the pontoon let me know he’s enjoying his vacation.

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